Current Projects

New Projects

  1. Benchmarking energy usage at the City Hall, Fire Station, and Police Station.
  2.  A Tree Inventory through Heartlands Conservancy.
  3.  Hosting  3 Solarize Metro East Events partnering withMadison County and other Cool Cities Committees
  4. Perform a GreenHouse Gas Inventory.
  5. Partnering with Madison County and other Cool Cities Committees and their City Governments to work together in a Recycling Campaign to educate and boost recycling throughout Madison County.
  6. Administering a grant for the 2nd Baptist Church Community Garden to provide food to the pantry at Community Care Center. Grant was awarded in a partnership  with University of Illinois Extension and the SNAP program 
  7. Updates to The Greener, Cleaner Granite webpage on the Granite City Website to provide current information to the citizens of GC.

On-Going Projects

Clean Air Repository at Six Mile Regional Library District

Particulate Matter Monitor Data at Six Mile Regional Library District