Recycling Hints

As everyone has heard there have been some challenges in our recycle stream. Here are a couple of videos to help you decide what to put in the recycle bin and what to put in the trash.

Here is a great little video from the IL recycling task force:

Want to know what happens to your stuff? Also some great hints on how to recycle better and stop recycling contamination:

And specific guidelines from Waste Management:

Want to know more:

Tree Inventory Coming to Granite City

In September, don’t be surprised to see Arborists walking our streets looking at trees. The City has received a grant through the Heartland Conservatory to inventory 1800 trees in our city. They will identify the existing trees in the selected areas and provide recommendations for new plantings. The grant could also provide funds for trees to be planted in the recommended planting areas.

Granite City Community Garden Receives Grant

The Granite City Community Garden at the 2nd Baptist Church is a recipient of a grant from Growing Illinois Food Access Allocations.  The project proposal of $2,800 was approved to grow and provide food to the Community Care Center food pantry.  The grant will be administered through the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners and SNAP programs and supports the GC Sustainability plan to increase local food to our community .  For more information or to volunteer, contact Eadie Schillinger at